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||NEWS scans||


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~Magazine Scans of JE band NEWS~
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This is a community referred to Johnny's band "NEWS". You can find various scans of NEWS in this community. It will be updated as new things are released, and everyone is welcome to share their scans here! And please don't hesitate to do so, SPREAD THE LOVE! =D Just don't forget to credit to right people/places(if you scanned them let us now and credit to yourself). But please read the rules before you start! It is important part in order to keep the community organized! This is members only community therefore the posts are locked. So JOIN US!

If you see anything wrong going on community, or having problem with something or if your questions are not answered please contact one of the community mods! Don't make a new entry

aitshimashii ♪ berriechiller ♪ silver881

silver881 ♪ berriechiller

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RULES Please follow them, if you fail to do so, you'll be deleted from the comm.
©Please DO NOT redistribute the scans out of the community without crediting OR unless you are said so.

♥.Support NEWS, Spread the Love.♥
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